Sunday, November 5, 2017


As the year is nearing its end, we have to meet the quota of posts and that leads to this simple post. I have transcribed the ‘funniest’ monologue about chee… er… Adventure by legendary English comic James Acaster.

I’m not a very adventurous person. I have only ever used one side of a cheese grater. Got no idea what the other three sides even do. I’m not the only one either. Everyone knows what side I'm talking about, right? Big holes! Got no time for small holes & tiny holes. Don’t know if you’ve ever seen… it’s the roughest side of anything I've ever seen in my life! Small holes: It’s rows of tiny little spikes so I'm going to use that side in self-defense. Then you got to wash it. Don’t know how you negotiate that? How you wash something that is rougher than your own scouring pad? Interestingly, the only thing rough enough to wash a cheese grater is a second cheese grater.

I refuse to believe that anyone has ever used the side with the three curvy slits in it. Don’t need ’em. Get rid of ’em, replace ’em with something that I'd actually use in my day-to-day cheese needs. Like, for me, it’d be a device that, in one smooth downward motion, completely unwraps a Babybel. Someone told me the other day that the three curvy slits are used for slicing cheese… apparently. It’s the word on the street. Now, if I'm gonna slice cheese, my first port of call is seldom the grater. Call me old-fashioned, I'm a knifeman. Might as well be fuddy n’ duddy but I like it, it’s unpredictable. You always start out…(with one hand moving vertically through air) You’re thinking, well, this cheese cutting is going excellently, oh yes… You just pass the halfway mark and the cheese takes over…(the path of hand curves now to become horizontal) Can’t reverse it, it’s made its mind up now… And yeah, now you’ve got a slice of cheese half the size you wanted in the first place, but at least you got some stories.

James Acaster


Friday, September 29, 2017

It’s Back!!!

Rurouni Kenshin is back!

Rurouni Kenshin

With the fore-shadowed Hokkaido Arc!

And the first chapter didn’t disappoint…

Sadly it’s a monthly affair this time but something to cling to till death comes to us all.

The Scanlators

Sunday, August 27, 2017

River Flows in You…

What would be life without music?! As I was listening to some Korean lyrics a few months ago, I came across this brilliant piece of music.

People have attempted to sing along with it. After listening to a few such tries, I happen to like the original one sung by Yiruma. Smile

Below goes the translation, try to sing along with the lyrics if you happen to like it as much as I do.

If there's one for you, It's in you right now,
So if you can tolerate more,
Take a look at your place and leave everything,
Holding you, Holding you. It's in you, river flows in you.
Slowly, slowly, the rivers flowing in my mind,
Holding you, Holding you. It's in you, river flows in you.
At the end, I wait and wonder,
I want to throw my heart toward you,
Every time I can feel you,
So if you can tolerate more, take a look at your place and leave everything,
Holding you, holding you. It's in you, river flows in you.
Slowly, slowly, the rivers flowing in my mind,
Holding you, holding you. It's in you, river flows in you.
At the end I wait and wonder,
Holding you, holding you. It's in you, river flows in you.
Slowly, slowly, the rivers flowing in my mind,
Holding you, holding you. It's in you, river flows in you.
At the end, I wait and wonder. River flows in you.

My Superpartner brings me back to Kolkata and we hope to be more active on the blog in the remaining months of the year. Happy Sunday!

With a Panda at 'Chengdu Panda Reserve'

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Waseem Barelvi Once More…

After a long time, I recently tried to translate some 'latest' Shers of Dr. Waseem Barelvi. I chose some of the most difficult ones to do that so the translation has not quite met expectations but nonetheless, the post quota on this blog trundles along well. As usual, read the disclaimer from the relevant tab above and we start with the first Sher:

कैसी तौहीन-ए-बज़्म-ए-हस्ती है! रहने वालों ये कैसी बस्ती है?
मौत को लोग देते हैं कांधा; ज़िन्दगी रहम को तरसती है!

Kaisi tauheen-e-bazm-e-hasti hai! Rahne waalon yeh kaisi basti hai?
Maut ko log dete hain kaandha; zindagi raham ko tarasti hai!

What an insult on its character! What’s with this place, folks?
People shoulder death; life just craves for sympathy!

Here’s the video of the full Ghazal for your joy:

वसीम बरेलवी (Waseem Barelvi)

One more try (and last for this post):

वो मेरे घर नहीं आता, मैं उसके घर नहीं जाता
मगर इन अहतियातों से ताल्लुक मर नहीं जाता!

Who mere ghar nahin aata, main uske ghar nahin jaata
Magar in ahtiyaaton se taalluk mar nahin jaata!

They don’t come to my house, I don’t go to their house
But these abstinences never lost the acquaintances!

Again the video of the full Ghazal follows:

वसीम बरेलवी (Waseem Barelvi)

If that's too much poetry for your taste, then you might want to get back to


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Spot the Egrets

Life comes in circles, or whatever…

Let’s get right to business. I show you a few photos and you have to spot egret(s) in them. If you don’t know what an egret is, then here are a few sample photos:

Preening neck   Preening back   Looking ahead

Ready now? Let’s start with the easiest (you can click on the photos to see a larger version):


Now, 3 more photos with successively increasing level of difficulty:




As usual, will post answers if there is any interest shown by the readers. Till then, learn about


Saturday, April 29, 2017


Continuing the trend from last year:

First, the Bad news: ‘Update…’ menu item on AB v7.0 won’t work because Dropbox dropped the box on public folder! So, I had to re-imagine the update process to make it future-proof. That is, starting with AB v7.5, it is no longer necessary for me to stick to Dropbox (though, I have stuck to it for now) and if next year I have to use OneDrive, no one needs to worry and v7.5 will update to v7.5.1 or v9.0 or whatever via in-app(lication) menu item.

Second, the ExChanger: Many things to say here, so let me start a bullet list.

  • It gains a new button ↹ to set the ‘default’ currencies shown at startup.
  • The data is updated (almost) hourly now!
  • User can enter one’s own API key obtainable from (for free; requires signing up but it wastes less time than YouFace or InstaTwits or whatever will grab your attention in a while!).
  • This is no longer a stand-alone ingredient and has been fully baked-in to the main course program. That leads us to the following.

Third, the Categories can be associated to a particular currency in addition to the existing option of specifying a currency symbol. This helps in transfer of money between categories as the exchange rate is automatically filled-in, adding up the balances of all categories (whoever thought this was not needed!), etc. [For old files (who has them frankly?), associating one category to a currency will automatically update other categories with the same symbol.]

Fourth, the Menu items under ‘Category’ & ‘Groups’ menus have been streamlined (new icons too for the two related buttons in the toolbar) owing to the introduction of new custom-made input dialog box as seen below [In fact, all usage of MATLAB’s built-in inputdlg()’s have been replaced and also the ‘Reorder…’ dialog has been updated slightly to conform to this style.]:

New Input Dialog Box

Fifth, the Date field now gets a Date Selector button beside it, which opens up the following GUI (a dream that has been finally realized, via ‘undocumented’ Java usage from within MATLAB, though it may be removed in future updates depending on user feedback 🤣):

Date Selector

Sixth, the ‘Modify’ data button has a slight change of behaviour. When the Groups drop-down menu changes due to this button, the Data display also updates now. This change of behaviour can be a bit jarring / confusing but is consistent with the fact that this is how the Group menu & Data display are supposed to be ‘connected’.

Seventh, the ‘Show Raw Data’ and ‘Graphical Data Analysis’ (noticed the name change of the latter?) menu items from the ‘Tools’ menu have been introduced to the toolbar too. Not only that,

Eighth, the GDA has been completely revamped with 3 styles of plots and all sorts of filter options for the data (compare this to last year’s simple pie chart in a popup figure! What the hell was I thinking then?). Notice that 5 more buttons appear in the toolbar in this mode. Now, bask in this mode’s full (clickable) glory:




Ninth, other minor Bug fixes, Algorithm optimizations, and GUI tweaks are definitely sprinkled all over the program (along with a slightly updated Manual.pdf file).

Finally, it is highly likely that new bugs may have been introduced in spite of / despite / due to all that so I expect, like last year, your help in catching them all!

Thanks for reading this changelog, now go download the program and start accounting (for your shi*s).

AcBook 7.5

Saturday, April 1, 2017

I Don’t Say Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Say…

My Superpartner came up with a grievance few weeks ago. He thinks that I don’t talk about him with people around me. The fact though is that I don’t tell him enough what I tell about him to others. For example, the other day I told my friend that ‘There are several reasons but the primary one is: Because Dharmesh is the least judgmental person I have met’. I’m not the kind of wife who makes the husband feel good all the time or bad all the time or good and bad at different times; I’m the kind who says nothing at all and just enjoys the ‘it is what it is’.

So I’m going to share some interesting trivia about him. Some of you might already know few of this. For others, I hope it is of some entertainment value.

My side of the family thinks he and I are a mute family. They always had the impression that I don’t speak much. I was the heights of speechlessness and no opinions. When they met him, they realized that there was one more. But if you have ever walked with him, you would say something else. When he is walking with me, he doesn’t let me speak. And he speaks very strange things. When I say strange, I mean that he is talking of higher dimensional Physics.

He is ready for breads all the time. When he is fully full, when it is time for bed, when it is the middle of the night, just anytime. To completely comprehend what I mean, watch Dylan Moran here.

He thinks that nobody likes him and nobody should like him; Why should anyone like anyone anyways? What a pity, he doesn’t know some things here.

He plays Disney games! Awful & Terrible, isn’t it?! There are times when I’m talking about worldly things when he says, ‘O let me open my game’.  And for the next half an hour or so, he is playing with Mickey Mouse, Goofy and feeling sad that he is not been able to introduce Cinderella to his amusement park yet.

While he is doing nothing [read anything] he is pulling his eyebrow hairs (like now, literally now!). I wonder why he has some hair left there even now.

If there was some Guinness record to award someone who has read the most Japanese Manga and watched British shows at the same time, he would be making and breaking his own records.

He has made some excellent programs which haven’t been marketed well (not marketed at all, in fact). There are days when he comes up with some enhancement ideas and you can guess what happens after that.

He has some strange hobbies. One of them for example is to read about the upcoming Windows 10 builds. Recently, this happened too


and I think such notifications just encourage him more to keep following those hobbies. O God!

That’s all for now, If I go any further than this, I might touch upon some cheeky, funny elements which we keep for later. And after all this, here is our favourite VCM who talks about DM once in a while.

Happy April Fools’ Day! Smile

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More on Sketchbook Vol. 12…

…as promised last year. Let’s get right to business with a capture from the first chapter:

Vol12 - 1

Study of snails follows with Nagisa as one would expect.

Vol12 - 2

Next Kokage turns into a guide in an Art Museum and Ao is not impressed!

Vol12 - 3

For the first time, a double page spread! SuzuKaze combo at their best and Sora imagining the best possible scenario during a crane ‘malfunction’!

Vol12 - 4

Hazuki visits Sora and Sora is trying to offer her some freshly cooked food but as usual, she gets distracted easily while in the kitchen!

Vol12 - 5

Tsukiyo is indulging in some ‘Inception’ style of dreaming here! Way to go Ooba-Senpai!

Waiting for the next one this year! Till then, go have a

Monthly Visit Here

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Happy New Year of the Rooster 🐔.

As promised in the last post, here are the benchmark results from Mathematica 11.

WolframMark11 GraphWolframMark11 Numbers

Just a reminder, these are for my ‘new’ SP4. Just like MATLAB benchmarks, these also imply this machine is ‘fast’. In fact, let me give you some explicit numbers to back that up. In my ‘old’ SP3, for integrals that took anywhere between 80–125 seconds, SP4 spits out an answer much faster between 55 – 65 seconds! I mean even the integral that took the longest at ~2 minutes gets done in a minute… what the hell? How am I supposed to think linearly about that?

Think Non-Linearly Then

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Filler Posts-IV

We’re back here having watched Charlie Brooker’s 2016 Wipe and Cunk on Christmas, and I am glad that 2016 is ending with the ‘holiday’ season. Also, the last episodes of 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown and QI this year were fun to watch.

What else? Waiting for Sherlock to show up sometime in the next couple of days. That should be good.😉

Coffee & Walnut Cake

On another note, this has been a horrible year all year around. At some point of time in its later half, I remembered my old post ‘Rock-Bottom’ from ages ago (2011). I pondered on what prompted me to write it then and I couldn’t quite remember it. That post seems more relevant now than it could have been in 2011! Even though today is New Year’s Eve, let me indulge in writing more ‘rock-bottom’ one-liners. Hope this indulgence doesn’t dampen your festive spirits:

When you get afraid of trying out new ideas because the old ones didn’t work, you’ve hit rock-bottom!

When you start connecting disconnected events of your life to find some meaning for your life, you’ve hit rock-bottom!

When you start identifying clichés all over your life (like ‘Gone with the Wind…’) and you were sure they wouldn’t ever be there, you’ve hit rock-bottom!

When you see spiders on your jacket and throw it in the trash just because, you’ve hit rock-bottom!

When you start but couldn’t care less to complete the sen…

And two of my favourites from the last time,

When you remember them saying, “The only way you can go after hitting rock-bottom is UP…”, you’ve hit rock-bottom!

When you no longer want to provide an end-of-the-post-link, you’ve hit


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Filler Posts - III

You must have guessed the drill by now. We’re back here after watching Jonathan Creek and what an episode it was! Quite simple yet riveting… But then maybe I just like Alan Davies talking like that.

In other para, I’ll just show you a chart and some numbers about my new SP4… taken with the help of MATLAB.☺

MATLABBench10 Chart

MATLABBench10 Numbers

Quite good speed you’d say but does not feel that high compared to my ‘previous’ SP3 when considering the performance of SuDoKu Solver. The ‘hardest’ Sudoku now takes ~115s compared to ~150s earlier. I was hoping the upgrade from “i5” → “i7” might bring the time down to <90s. Anyway, I plan to study the time differences between SP3 & SP4 for solving the 10 or so ‘hardest’ Sudokus I have and post the analysis here on the blog sometime in the new year.

Polorama Generator & Keystone corrector are definitely faster, but I guess that’s mostly due to increased RAM (4GB → 8GB) and less so due to the increase in CPU speed, which reaches 3.3GHz compared to ‘just’ 2.5GHz on SP3. And ya, will share the updated Mathematica Benchmarks when they’re in (sometime in the new year one hopes). Till then, remember

2 more days to go…